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Fonon Technology International, Inc., the world-renowned inventor and manufacturer of equipment based on ZWLCT® (Zero Width Laser Cutting Technology®) offers the latest innovation in laser scribing for the FPD (Flat Panel Display) Industry, the Fantom™ product line.  Offering a stand-alone system for scribing TFT LCD panels, based on a C3 Laser™ Integrated Glass Scribing Laser Module, the Fantom™ series of laser scribing systems are cable of scribing glass panels ranging in size from Generation 3 to the large format Generation 8.

Fonon DSS' Fantom™ laser scribers are designed to increase efficiency providing higher throughput rates and continually proving to be the more cost effictive solution.  Here are some of the reasons: 

1) In comparison to the older method of glass cutting, the cost of ZWLCT® technology continues to decrease, while mechanical scribing systems increase.  As panel sizes increase the cost of mechanical equipment grows exponentially with each increase in panel size, while laser equipment costs only increase linearly.  This change in market ROI makes Fonon DSS' laser scribers and ZWLCT® methods the clear choice when comparing cost factors.

2)  Fonon’s patented glass scribing technology surpasses the older mechanical technology used to cut glass and other brittle materials for the electronic and semiconductor industries. Conventional technology creates vent cracks by stressing the substrate, which in turn creates surface damage and lateral cracks, resulting in particulate generation, and yield loss. It is this loss, plus the purchase cost for mechanical scribing and breaking systems, that has become the significant contributor to the retail cost of modern flat panel displays.

3) The Fantom™ scribing systems utilize Zero Width Laser Cutting Technology® (ZWLCT®) which allows scribing applications to be processed with tremendous speed, no material loss, and no chips or other debris associated with conventional scribe and break techniques thereby eliminating the cleaning and grinding line.

Enhancements are continually being made to ZWLCT® methods and the Fantom™ line - growing and changing with the industry.  To find out more information about Fonon DSS' systems and technologies, please contact us today.

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