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SBM1200SG: Precision Mechanical Scriber

laser marking

The SBM1200SG Glass Panel Scribing Machine utilizes the latest laser technology for glass scribing and equipped with the best in the industry scribing wheel for thin glass scribing specifically for the Flat Panel Display Industry.

The SBM1200SG Mechanical Scribing System is a part of a new line of precision glass scribing systems from Fonon DSS. It incorporates a new generation modular design, precision direct drive linear motion system, high resolution optical encoder feedback, forming a standalone, precision automatic tool with a small footprint that can be easily integrated into any inline system.

New Features:

  • Laser auto focus mechanism (Optional Configuration)
  • Adjustable loading and unloading positions for in-line integration
  • Remote internet monitoring and diagnostics
  • 1200 mm x 1200 mm max precision vacuum table with variable glass size holding capabilities
  • Provides multiple functions: scribing,  inspection, measurement

Process Capabilities:

  • Capable of scribing glass panels for up to Generation 5 glass panels
  • Capable of scribing on any type of display glass
  • Cross Cuts – high quality intersections

Advantages for Users:

  • Low cost solution for precision glass scribing
  • Reduced training level requirements for operators
  • Small footprint.
  • Modular design utilizes standard components for easier service
  • Plug-n-play characteristics give the system ease of installation and a quick start-up time
  • Price includes installation, startup, and training
  • The system includes: fully documented operation manual, site plan drawings, recommended spare parts list, cost sheet and setup tool kit
  • Service: remote diagnostics, crash protection, software upgrades
  • Plug & Play Capabilities
  • Internet-ready
  • Ease of installation allows for quick start-u

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